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EN 121: Library Modules (Erica Salmonson and Garrett Traylor): Week #3: Books

Introduction: Books

Hi everyone,

In this week's library module, we will learn about how best to find books in Schewe Library (both physical books and e-books) and also books in other libraries as well (I-Share) using the Library Catalog.  You'll find a series of handouts/videos below that will get you up to speed on how best to find books for your research.

Once you have worked through the videos/handouts, you will be selecting (5) books related to your chosen topic to add to your annotated bibliography assignmentYou will also be writing a one-sentence annotation for each book you select.  In case you've forgotten, the assignment sheet for the annotated bibliography is in the Week #2 tab of this guide, and you should have received the Google Docs file where you will actually write your annotated bibliography last week.  If didn't receive the Google Docs file, please get in touch with me ASAP!

If you are having any problems, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

Books in Schewe Library

Books in Schewe Library

E-Books in Schewe Library

I-Share Books

I-Share Books (Books From Other Libraries)

Permalinks in the Library Catalog

This week's assignment will require you to provide a URL for each book you find in the library catalog.  Below is a screenshot showing how to find the permalink in the library catalog rather than copying the URL from the browser.


Other Useful Tips

As you do your research, there are three parts of an item's record in the library catalog that might be of special use: the subjects (which help you find other materials related by subject), the description (which gives a basic summary), and the contents (which can help you identify which chapters of a book might be most useful for you to focus on).  Of course, some records will have more details than others, but it's always worth a look!

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