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EN 121: Library Modules (Erica Salmonson and Garrett Traylor): Week #2: Introduction


Hi everyone,

You have reached the library guide for your EN 121: Writing course.  Navigate this guide by using the blue tabs at the top of the page and don't be afraid to ask any questions when they come up.  You can find my contact information in a box below and to the right.

For this week's introduction I have a short video posted below welcoming you to the course and explaining a little about what we will cover in the library modules and the library assignment.  On this page, you will also find the library syllabus and the annotated bibliography assignment sheet.

In this second week, once you have read through the syllabus and assignment sheet, you will pick a topic and write an introductory paragraph for your annotated bibliography assignment.  I will be sharing a Google Docs file with each of you which will serve as the assignment where you will assemble and write your annotated bibliography over the course of the semester.

If you are having any problems, please get in touch with me!

Library Syllabus & Assignment Sheet

Library Introduction, Syllabus, & Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Shared Google Doc

Below is a screenshot showing how you can find shared documents in your Google Drive.  I will have shared a folder titled "EN 121" with your name in it along with a document titled "Copy of EN 121 Library Annotated Bibliography Assignment."  You can also use the search bar at the top of your Google Drive to search for and find this document.  This is your personal copy of the assignment where you will complete all of your work for the semester.

Accessing Materials from Off-Campus

If you are off-campus, you can view the following documents for instructions on how to access the library catalog and databases from off-campus.  Essentially, when using the catalog you will have a prompt to login using Single Sign On, and when using the databases you will be prompted for your NetID and password (which is really the same thing but you do not include so your login would look something like this:

Username: lastname.firstname
Password: Somepassword1234!

After that, you should be able to use the database resources just like you would if you were on-campus.  Again, you can see further information and examples in the handouts below.

Contact Me

Garrett Traylor
 -- Reference & Cataloging Librarian

Office Phone: 217.245.3207

Office: Schewe Library 205
Student Hours: Wednesdays 3pm-5pm
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