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Campaigns and Elections- PO 275: Further Information on Election Judging

This guide is co-created with the students of PO 275.

Election Judging Group 2

This page is co-created with the students of PO 275.

"The goal of election judging is to help people voting in your community, to inform them of how to vote, as well as what to do with their ballot after voting. It may also help voters get registered."

Election Judging and Civic Life

Judging elections and election management quality by process (scholarly article; access needed)

"In this paper, we propose and test a framework for analysing how ‘free and fair’ electoral processes are. We start from the assumption that a rational process must be capable of being reproduced by others according to a given standard of practice. The framework for analysis is based on eleven constituent parts of an electoral process, each of which can be gauged by performance indicators. Various methods of measuring these indicators are offered, and a weighting system is applied, according to whether the country involved is an established or fledgling democracy. This model is then illustrated by application to two established and four fledgling democracies."

Challenges to Election Judging

Types and Responsibilities of Election Judging  and General Rules for Election Judging

These pages describe general rules for election judges and responsibilities that judges should expect. 

Leadership Structure

Information about Judges of Election and Polling Place Administrators
This page discusses the different financial problems that could occur setting up and maintaining a polling place and the problems that may occur.