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Campaigns and Elections- PO 275: Local Campaign Groups

This guide is co-created with the students of PO 275.

Local Campaign Resources

This page details local campaigns that students in PO 275 are volunteering with. This page does not endorse any candidate or campaign, but is a resource for these students to use as they study the role of a local campaign.

Organization type description: 
Their organization's main goal is to educate and inform the voters in their district on what their candidate supports and what they plan to focus on if elected. They focus on providing literature about their candidate and answering questions on why their candidate is more deserving of their vote than their opponent.

Your Organization's Resources

You can find the following campaign websites that explain the purpose of their organization:

Major Challenges for These Organizations

Politics is still local. When incumbents face off in redrawn districts, community ties make a big difference. 

A Washington Post article examining the role of redistricting and local campaigns.

4 Challenges Faced by Small Political Campaigns 

"Local political campaigns need to reach fewer voters and typically campaign for a shorter period than larger campaigns. But that does not make local campaigning any easier for the candidates or their supporters. In some ways, small campaigns have it even tougher."

Leadership Structure

Campaign Roles and Responsibilities 

"These roles describe the responsibilities in a campaign. For many campaigns, especially smaller, downballot campaigns, one person may hold many of these roles. In addition, many of these roles may be volunteers instead of paid employees. Regardless, once a role is assigned, the responsibility lies with that person."