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Campaigns and Elections- PO 275: Election Judging

This guide is co-created with the students of PO 275.

Election Judging Group 1

This page is co-created with the students of PO 275.

"The goal of an election Judges/judging is to provide safe, fair, and welcoming voting experiences for the voters. Election judging allows voters in their own community to get involved with their local political parties that they stand with. This organization helps voters by making their voting their most essential right to achieve. " 

Election Judging and Civic Life

Illinois State Board of Elections- Election Authorities
"Elections are administered locally by the state’s 108 election authorities. These are the county clerks in 101 counties, one county election commissions and 6 municipal election commissions. These local authorities are a very important part of Illinois’ election process. As part of their many responsibilities they handle local voter registration programs, train election judges, select polling places, get ballots printed, oversee Election Day activities, and supervise the vote count at the local level." 

Election Judge Duties and Responsibilities
This page describes the duties of an election judge in Kankakee County, Illinois. 

Challenges to Election Judging

Problems at the Polls: An Election Judge's Perspective

This article describes the experience of one election judge in Cook County.