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African American History Resources- HI 211: Home

A student co-created resource guide for the Fall 2022 section of HI 211 African American History 1


This page is co-created by the students of the HI 211 African American History 1 class of Fall 2022. 

Course description: 

"This course is a survey of African-American history from its beginnings through emancipation and Reconstruction. We will study and analyze the African origins of black Americans, the Middle Passage, the development of plantation slavery, and the many historical changes that shaped African-American life and culture thereafter—from the Revolution to the Civil War. Topics will include the impact of the Revolution on African American life; the emancipation of slavery in the post- Revolutionary North and the development of a free black community; antebellum slave culture and slave resistance; the Black Abolitionist movement; and African-American freedom struggles through Reconstruction. We will approach the subject matter utilizing a variety of primary and secondary sources (e.g., slave narratives, slave ships’ logs, ex-slave interviews, oral histories, speeches, essays, documentaries, and an autobiography)."

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