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EN 121 F Principles of Writing: Library Classes (Prof. Matthew Schultz and Elora Agsten- Spring 2021): Introductions

The Library classes for Prof. Schultz's EN 121 class.


Welcome to the Library modules of EN 121! I'm Elora and I will be your librarian this semester. This page will hold all of the resources you need to learn how to research and make an excellent annotated bibliography. 

Library Syllabus

So... what are we doing here?

Excellent question!  The point of these modules is to teach you how to research at a college level. These skills will help create a strong foundation for your academic success at IC and beyond! Research skills aren't just for a research paper; they help you think critically about information you're finding, no matter what the source or purpose. 

This video (or transcipt) will discuss more about these Library modules: 

A little about me

In this video (or transcript), I introduce myself to you and share a little about my background and some fun facts. 



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Elora Agsten

Zoom Office Hours

Have questions? Need to chat? You can join in me in my Zoom office hours every Wednesday from 1-3pm. 

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