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Information Literacy as a Civic Responsibility: Library Resources to Help

A corresponding guide to the convo talk "Information Literacy as a Civic Responsbility", presented in September 2020 by Ryan Flynn '15, Director of Community-Engaged Learning, and Elora Agsten, Instructional Librarian.

When in doubt, go to the Library!

Libraries are information centers. They are equipped with high quality resources to help you better understand the world around you and help you find the facts you're looking for. Better yet, librarians are trained information scientists and are ready to assist you in your search.

Do you need a fact-check on something you saw on the internet? Help finding a legitimate medical source? Debunking a conspiracy theory from your Aunt Karen? Your Schewe Librarians are here to help. 

Schewe Library Multi-Database Search

Really want to get to the facts? When you want to go straight to the source, a database is almost always your best bet. This video will explain how to use Schewe Library's Multidatabase Search. This services allows you to search multiple databases at once, helping you find a lot of information quickly.

Ready to start searching? Click here

CREDO Reference

If you're just starting to learn about a topic and you need some background reference, CREDO Reference is an excellent place to begin. 

Individual Databases: News

Individual Databases: Medicine and Health

These resources may be particularly useful for finding medical information on COVID-19: 

And just remember

There's no shame in asking for help. Disinformation is designed to confuse you and make you question what you already know to be true. Don't hesitate to reach out to a librarian either in person or through our online services