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Diverse Authors in Schewe Library: Ava Maria Mendoza ('24)

A guide to help with finding a diverse range of authors that Schewe Library has to offer!

Insight from the Researcher

I like to thank the staff of Schewe Library for allowing me to work on this project. I also want to thank them for allowing me to develop this LibGuide that hopefully other students will be able to use! I am excited to see the collections grow in terms of more diverse content and writers.

I want the community of Illinois College to realize that updating collections takes time, but change will happen if we as readers continue to push for more diversity in academic writing! 

I also plan to provide a few extra resources for those who have curiosity like me!

I hope my insight on this page can give you all a snippet of how summer went when doing this project!

- Ava Maria Mendoza ('24)

Where to Find More Poetry!

For those who love poetry like me, I found myself using these websites to find more diverse poets. 

These are great resources for those wanting to understand how to read and write poetry! 

Where to Find Good Books

Here are some websites that offer diverse authors if you wish to find new books that Schewe Library does not have! Or for your own personal enjoyment!

Ryan Roberts provided links for LGBTQ+ authors.

I found a few links to find authors of color! Happy exploring! 

Final Thoughts from Ava Maria Mendoza

I would say overall a big challenge I faced was trying to understand diversity and how to categorize it. 

The question I let linger is:

How do we categorize diversity and communities when there are so many now in the 21st century?

I still think about this when finishing up my project. I cannot give a solid answer yet, but I do know it is important to keep an open mind when trying to develop a change in an institution. I wish I could have added several categories for several communities, but that would consume time. It can be done, but I believe using quantitative data for diversity is difficult. When using a categorizing approach it reminded me how binary our thinking can become which creates limitations to critically think or include individuals. I think it is impossible to label everything. Yet, labels also provide organization.

The trick here is to see when there are limitations and to see who is not being seen. 

Sometimes I need to let things simmer. I do hope more authors get the spotlight they deserve eventually. 

The key is patience. Something I had to learn during my Gender and Social Justice class when I first started this project. I expected answers too soon and to know everything too soon. Spring and summer have passed, and the change needed will come slowly but surely. I encourage you all to have patience in terms of change and activism or else that burning impatience will consume your ability to open your mind. 

You cannot expect change to happen fast. If you do, you are only creating more stress for yourself.

You cannot approach the desire for change in an aggressive manner or you will lose your heart.

You need to be patient and enjoy the moments you develop.

You need to be in the moment and accept that time stops for no one.

You need to understand that everyone is going through something, the world does not center around you. 

And if you want to think about the future, think about it from the perspective that others will carry your torch, 

Thank you 

- Ava Maria Mendoza ('24)