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Diverse Authors in Schewe Library: Home

A guide to help with finding a diverse range of authors that Schewe Library has to offer!


This LibGuide offers students access to a diverse set of readings from a diverse set of authors. The main content that is presented is American Literature and Poetry!

If there is a community of authors you feel are not represented here please reach out to Schewe Library! We love to hear recommendations!

Scroll down to get a snippet of the research done that helped develop this LibGuide! 

Disclaimer: This is only a snippet of what researcher Ava Maria Mendoza could find. Schewe Library has many more books by diverse authors! 

The Origin of this LibGuide!

During the spring and summer of 2023, Illinois College student Ava Maria Mendoza did research for Schewe Library. She worked with Elora Agsten and the staff of Schewe Library to complete a diversity audit!

Throughout Ava Maria's summer research, she observed Schewe Library's Fiction and Poetry collection. She audited for the different types of authors present within this collection. All her observations were kept in a Google Sheet that Elora Agsten provided her.

Here is a snippet of what the Google Sheet looked like for Ava Maria:

Some characteristics she looked for were:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity 
  • Gender 

Throughout Ava Maria's research experience, she has been able to find some readings for the Illinois College community to have access to here on this LibGuide.