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Social Movements Resources- HI 341: Home

A student co-created guide for Fall 2022's HI 341 class on the Black Freedom Movement.


This page is co-created by the students of the HI 341 Social Movements class of Fall 2022. 

Course description: 

"The Black Freedom Movement is one of the most complicated and often misunderstood movements in the United States. Popular narratives and many scholars frame the movement in binaries: nonviolent vs. violent and North vs. South. This course examines the full history of the Black Freedom Movement with a focus on the postwar years from 1940-1970s. This course will examine this movement, its major themes, its roots in previous movements, different visions and organizing strategies, different groups and figures associated with the long Black Freedom struggle. These movements drew from the early generations and have inspired contemporary black social movements like #BlackLivesMatters. We will explore the ways in which we learn and narrate stories of the Movement's past and present, individually and collectively. This class draws upon a variety of sources, including literature, government documents, oral history, visual culture, media, and music. This course seeks to answers questions about humanity, citizenship, freedom, and justice, and the role African- descended people have played and continue to play in advancing the struggle."

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