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Subject guide for music

Subject Resources

If you're just starting out as a Music student and need to get some background/fundamentals, the following can help:

To search all of Schewe's databases, use the following:


These databases will be the best bets for starting your research in music. If you are having trouble finding articles, see our Finding Articles guide, or ask a librarian for help!

The music section in Schewe library is located upstairs, from call numbers 780 - 788. This section contains resources on music studies, scores, and composers.

To locate additional information, or to search for a specific library book, please use the Schewe Library Catalog.

Here are some websites which might be helpful for an music student:

You can find reliable and high-quality videos on a variety of topics below:

You can find reliable and high-quality videos about music on the following topics:

Music resources are often cited in Chicago Style. For more information on this or other citation formats, please visit the Schewe Library Cite a Source page.

Have a question?

You are welcome to contact us individually at: 


Jaeda Calaway - Information Literacy Instructor and Student Research Support Specialist


McKenna Jacquemet - Research Services and Information Literacy Librarian



Bree Kirsch

Bree Kirsch - Director of the Library


Or you can ask a question here!