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Subject guide for pre-law

Subject Resources

If you're just starting out as a pre-law student and need to get some background/fundamentals, the following can help:

To search all of Schewe's databases, use the following:



The databases below will be the best bets for starting your research in law. If you are having trouble finding articles, see our Finding Articles guide, or ask a librarian for help!

Here are some websites which might be helpful for a law student:

The best place to find books relevant for pre-law students is in the Schewe Library Catalog or in the library on the shelves primarily in the 340 - 349 range on the lower level. If you are having trouble finding more books, see our Finding Books guide. Here are some suggested titles:

You can find reliable and high-quality videos on a variety of topics below:

You can find reliable and high-quality law videos on the following topics:

Legal Scholars often cite according to the ALWD Guide to Legal Citation or The Bluebook. For undergraduate purposes, APA will often be sufficient unless your professor has specified otherwise.

Have subject specific questions?

If you have questions, you can contact us at:

Luke Beatty
- Library Director


Garrett Traylor
- Reference & Cataloging Librarian

Elora Agsten - Instructional Librarian

For general inquiries:
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