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GB 270: Serving 21st Century Populations within the Health Professions: Finding Health News

News Sources

How do you find reliable news sources? Schewe Library has a variety of news websites and databases you can access. Or, you may just want to try Google first! The activity in the left column will guide you through effective Googling and the column on the right will show you helpful resources on news and health.

Try it for yourself:

Using Google for Health News

How can you find health news related to your group?

  • First, create your keywords. What is the main idea of  what you're searching for? Try to create 3-4 keywords that capture that idea. 
  • Then, head to Google. Try searching with your keywords and click the "News" tab. 
Google Web Search
  • You can also try this example search (below). Fill in the parentheses with information about your topic. 
Google Web Search
  • What did you find? Was it helpful? Was it reliable? How can you tell? Go to the "Is It Good?" page to find out! 

And just remember

There's no shame in asking for help. If you're having trouble finding an article or determing if it's reliable, don't hesitate to reach out to a librarian either in person or through our online services

Other News and Health Resources:

Free News Sites

If you're looking for news articles, the following news sources can help: 

  • The Associated Press (AP). The Associated Press is a coalition of journalists and newspapers that shares news with its members. AP stories are generally considered "neutral" and will often be used when a news agency doesn't have a reporter for a particular region (such as when a small-town newspaper needs to run a story about a national event.) 
  • BBC News. The BBC is located in the UK and covers mainly international news and major stories in the US. 
  • Jacksonville Journal Courier. Looking for the latest from Jacksonville? Try the local newspaper! You can also find a physical version every day in Schewe Library. 
  • Kaiser Health News. Kaiser Health News focuses on health-related news and healthcare policy from throughout the US. 
  • National Public Radio (NPR). NPR focuses on national and international news, as well as health and culture stories. Local NPR stations will also generally cover local issues and events.  
  • USA Today. USA Today is a national newspaper and covers news from around the US. 

Schewe Databases: News

These databases and subscription newspapers can also help you find health news. 

Searching tip: try using the keywords you made in the left column with the databases. 

Schewe Databases: Medicine and Health

These resources may be particularly useful for finding medical information and verifying claims in news articles, though their focus will be on scholarly articles and studies, not news articles: