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Digital Resources: Streaming Video

Streaming Video

Streaming videos available through Schewe Library


American History in Video - A broad collection of newsreels, interviews, documentaries, and reenactments both presenting and analyzing American history.

Education in Video - A collection of classroom videos, professional development tools, and real world examples for both new and experienced educators. 

Filmakers Library Online - A cross-curricular collection of award-winning documentaries, presenting diverse viewpoints both current and historical.

Foreign Language Video Database  - A collection of videos of native speakers speaking on a variety of topics including culture, family, and daily life in their original languages.

Obedience - The original 1962 footage of Stanley Milgram's controversial social psychology experiment.

Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison Experiment - This 2004 documentary, Narrated by Philip Zimbardo, documents the famous Stanford Prison Experiment carried out by Simbardo, Craig Haney, and Curtis Bank in 1971.

Theatre in Video: Vol 1 A collection of theater documentaries, performances, and interviews.

Video Journal of Counseling and Therapy  A collection of presentations, lectures, and workshops regarding counseling, mental health, and psychology.

World History in Video - A broad collection of documentaries exploring human history throughout the globe.

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