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FAQ: Off-Campus Access

On this page you will find instructions for accessing various library resources from off campus. 

For most library resources you access from off campus, you will be required to input your Single Sign On username and password.  Here is an example of how this will look:

Username: smith.john
Password: SomePassword1234!

Note that you DO NOT include as a part of your username. 

Some other resources, such as The New York Times, have special off-campus login procedures which we detail below.

Databases Off-Campus

Library Catalog Off-Campus

The New York Times Off-Campus

New York Times Special Login:

- Must create a special account, see handout or video for details.

Faculty & Staff (but not students):

- Must re-verify your New York Times account every year here.

Research Help Off-Campus

Have a question?

You are welcome to contact us individually at: 

Luke Beatty
- Library Director


Elora Agsten - Research Services Librarian


Jared Calaway - Information Literacy Instructor and Student Research Support Specialist

Chat with a Librarian