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Some reference titles for research in biology:
Call Number: R 576.5 E56
Call Number: R 574.8 S9721
Call Number: R 611 G845
MCAT biology review (2016)
Call Number: R 610.76 K172br
Call Number: 808.0665 K71
Call Number: R 503 V269 2008

These databases will be the best bets for starting your research in Biology. If you are having trouble finding articles, see our Finding Articles guide, or ask a librarian for help!


BioMed Central 
This biology and medical database provides full-text coverage of over 200 scholarly journals relating to biology and medicine. You can either browse by journal or use the search box in the top right of the screen to search with keywords.

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) 
This database provides access to a massive repository of biomedical and genomic information. The coverage overlaps at times with PubMed and PubMed Central, but also contains other, often freely accessible, articles and resources.

PubMed Central
This health and medical database is a full-text only version of PubMed. This means there are fewer articles to search, but all are immediately available. - a website full of video talks and other resources from some of the world's leading biologists.

Khan Academy Biology Courses - A set of lessons designed to help students learn or review the basic concepts of biology and ecology.

National Science Foundation Biology Landing Page - This page by the US NSF gives information on the latest news and discoveries in biology.

ActionBioscience.Org - This website by the American Institute of Biological Sciences provides peer reviewed articles about topics in biology, ecology, and science policy.

One excellent place to locate books on biology is in the Schewe Library Catalog or in the library on the shelves between 570 -599 (upstairs). If you are having trouble finding more books, see our Finding Books guide. Here are some suggested titles:


High quality biology texts are also available online through reputable non-profit organizations

  • Open Stax Biology - A free eBook from the Gates foundation that covers all of the material of an introductory biology course
  • Biology 2e - a free biology book that goes in-depth about biology basics
  • Concepts of Biology - A free biology book designed to give an overview of major biology topics for non-majors

Talk to your professor or look in your syllabus to determine which citation style you should use.

Biology articles often may use APA citation. You can find more information on the APA, MLA, and Chicago styles in the Schewe Library citation guide.

Biology citations also often use Harvard/Cell Press style

  • For details on how to cite in Harvard Style, see the Chicago Manual of Style on Author/Date Citations. 

  • Examples of this style are also given on the website for the journal Cell.

  • Many automatic citation generators, such as Cite this for me, have the ability to create Harvard Style citations.

Some additional citation suggestions are given on pages 81-94 of  A Student Handbook For Writing in Biology (Call Number: 808.0665 K71), which can be found on course reserve for BIO 110. (Ask for it at the front desk)

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