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Citation: Citation Home

Overview of how to cite sources and avoid plagerism

When do I need to cite?

You must cite:

♦ Someone else’s idea(s)
♦ Someone else’s work
♦ Someone else’s words
♦ Direct quotations

When don't I need to cite?

You don't need to cite:

♦ Undisputed facts or matters of public record
♦ Common knowledge in your discipline
♦ Your own ideas, experiences, or thoughts

Get More Citation Help

There are many places on the Illinois College campus where you can get one-on-one help with citations:

Visit the library reference desk, or email a librarian, stop by the Center for Academic Excellence, or make an appointment at the Campus Writing Center.


Introduction to Citations

Welcome to Schewe Library's citation help guide!  Use the information on this page to help you cite materials in the MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.

We've also included some tools below to help you generate citations.  These tools will usually give you more-or-less correct citations, but to be on the safe side, you should always check your citations against the official handbooks or guides.

Schewe Citation Guides

Click on an image below to view Schewe Library's citation guide for any of the following styles.


Library Chicago Citation Quick GuideLibrary APA Citation Quick GuideLibrary MLA Citation Quick Guide ​


Additional Citation Tools


  MLA 7 MLA 8 APA Chicago Cites Websites?
EasyBib x x
WorldCat x x
Google Scholar x x
Citation Machine
Cite This For Me