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SP 102 B & C: Spanish For Global Citizens II: Home

Subject Resources

This guide is intended to help you with your upcoming research paper/presentation assignment where you will find 5 or more sources pertaining to:

  • Your chosen South American country.
  • A current social and/or political issue facing said country.

For your 5 or more sources, you must have:

  • 2 or more scholarly/academic articles.  You will find these articles in databases or on Google Scholar.
  • 3 or more other reputable sources.  These can come from books, news articles, websites, etc.

You can download the actual assignment below:

For your paper and presentation, you will need some basic information about your country from a reputable source.  I would suggest the CIA World Factbook, which is as reputable as a source can get, and is also very recent:

For this assignment, I would recommend using Schewe Library's Multi-Database Search (on the library's homepage).

I would recommend searching your country (or big cities in your country) as SUBJECTS and your social/political issue as a TITLE.  This should get you a variety of relevant scholarly (and other types) of articles.  See below for an example of how a search like this might work:

If you are looking for books pertaining to your chosen country, consider using either the Schewe Library catalog (for books in this library) or the I-Share Catalog (for a wider selection of books held in other libraries).

I would recommend searching I-Share for your country (and perhaps your issue) as a SUBJECT.  This should get you a nice variety of books to choose from.  Have a look at the search below:

When looking for Internet resources about your country and social/political issue, you could try a Google search like the below:

The intitle: forces Google to search for the connecting word in the title of the webpage.  The (brackets) keep terms together.  If you want to search for more scholarly/academic content on Google, consider adding the filetype:PDF command to your search, which forces Google to only search for PDF documents like the search below:

For your assignment, you will need to cite your sources in the MLA style.  You can get help with citation using the "Cite A Source" icon on Schewe Library's homepage.

Have subject specific questions?

If you have questions, you can contact us at:

Luke Beatty
 -- Library Director

Garrett Traylor
 -- Reference & Cataloging Librarian

For general inquiries, call 217.245.3020 or email us at